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Gearboxes of PSB type

Gearboxes of PSB type serve for drive of stationary concreting plants. They are made in 5 sizes: PSB 500, PSB 1000, PSB 1500, PSB 2500 and PSB 3000, according to drum volume of concreting plant. Gearboxes PSB 500 and 1000 are double reduction planetary gearboxes delivered as compact unit with electric motor. Electric motor is connected to gearbox via flange, whereas sun wheel of 1st stage is fixed directly onto shaft of electric motor. Gearboxes PSB 1500, PSB 2500 and PSB 3000 are worked out as double reduction planetary gearboxes with bevel counter gear. On the side of output shaft, they are equipped with a flange that allows connection to electric motor via cardan shaft. Besides standard gear ratios, it is possible to order various non-standard gears.

Catalogue PM and PSB