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Technical development

Technological development activities

Deregulation, diversification, globalization of markets and international mergers cause dramatic increase in competition. Traditional boundaries between different business areas to lose. In addition, significantly increasing the customers' expectations and their knowledge of the market and offer competition.

The company ZTS Sabinov, a.s. in the context of increased competition in the market is fully aware of the need to focus on the customer and to satisfy its own requirements and product development.

What we are doing

The future of the company is linked with performance of several basic targets.

The first is satisfaction of actual and potential company’s customers, particularly as the volume of supplied products concerns, product range and continuously increasing of technical quality level and utility parameters.

To achieve this goal must the company apply pre-adjusted targets, beginning with continuous product innovation, development of new products through optimized investment planning up to ecological waste removal accumulated during the production process. As employer wants the company ZTS Sabinov a. s. to continue its existence as serious company with good reputation and dynamic development creating to actual and potential employees stable and prospective backgrounds.

Basis for internal company’s structure is the teamwork aimed on continuous increase of efficiency and amelioration of performance, structure and processes.