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Gearboxes for truck concrete mixers PM, PMC and PMK

Gearboxes PM, PMC and PMK

are designed for direct drum drive of truck concrete mixer with drum working volume 6 – 16 m3. Drum of concrete mixer body is in application assembled to gearbox driving flange that transmits torque from fluid motor to concrete mixer drum. Gearbox serves concurrently for mounting of front part of drum. Gearboxes PM51 are delivered as alternative ones, with water pump drive (mark no.1) and without water pump drive (mark no. 2), whereas in case of the alternative with water pump drive, two versions are possible: right & left. Various types of fluid motors produced may be used for drive. In case of square gearboxes PMK 60 a PML 60 two versions are possible
- right with PMK marking
- left with PML marking.
Application of gearboxes PM 62 and PM 72 assumes use of such hydraulic drive that ensures overall gear ratio i=130 at least.

prevodovky PM

For PM, PMC and PMK gearboxes, the following features are characteristic:

  • approved drive principle
  • reliable operation
  • unitized structure
  • low noise level
  • high output moments
  • simple maintenance
TypeMax. output torque
GearMax. drum volume
PM 5151 0001008
PM 6260 00011310
PMC 6060 00014810
PMK,L6060 00014510
PM 7272 00011312
PMC 7072 00014812
PMC 9080 00014016

Katalóg PM /2,45MB/