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Spur, bevel and bevel & spur

TSA 031 gearboxes

They consist of 9 standardized spur, bevel and bevel & spur gearboxes in four to six sizes. The TSA 031 gearbox line is designed using modular principle, what allows arranging various further versions with maintained axial distances and gears according to standardized row. Spur involute gearing is healical, corrected; bevel gear units are made with OERLIKON- ELOID-N gear design.

All gear designs are made of high quality steel alloys and are chemically and thermally processed. Gear wheels are connected to shaft using cone clamping element.

Gearbox bodies are moulds of high quality grey cast iron. Bottom part of the body of transmission case serves as oil tank, in which gear sets splash and thereby, lubrication of gear designs and roller bearings is secured. For the case of high power output, coolers are embedded in transmission cases.

Besides standard version, the producer supplies also gearboxes with special version. Special version is deemed as:

  • double-sided output shaft
  • atypical output and input shafts
  • non-standardized gear
  • other than normal working environment
  • cooler for gearbox
  • gearboxes working inclined
  • gearboxes for quick motion
  • gearbox equipment with disk and drum brake (backstop)
  • substitution of cone clamping elements
  • increase of radial powers on input shaft
  • output shaft with groove in case of models TSA 031 570 and TSA 031 571
TSA 031 gearboxes
TSA E 031 electric gearboxes

They are created by connection of electric motor to individual types of TSA 031 using funnel shaped adaptor, shaft coupling dimensioned for engine power and they constitute one unit as a whole. Electric motor bearings are lubricated with fat filling. Various execution of slow-running shaft allows operation of gearboxes with electric motor.

Individual variant versions of gearboxes and their assembly positions are selected according to TSA 031 gearboxes.

In case of gearboxes with electric engine, three-phase synchronous motor with short-circuit armature, of 1LA line with IP 54 protection according to IEC 34-5 for the voltage 400V, 50Hz is used as standard.

According to customers' requirements, gearboxes with electric motor may be supplied also for other voltages and frequencies. When using electric motors of 1LA 7130, 1LA 7133, 1LA 7134 type, we recommend underpacking of electric motor besides attachment of transmission case to customer.

TSA 031 gearboxes
TypeGeaboxes:Range of gearsScope of power output
TSA 031 301 with one spur gear set2,5 - 5,66,6 - 640
TSA 031 302 with two spur gear sets8 - 31,56 - 220
TSA 031 303 with three spur gear sets40 - 1801,5 - 90
TSA 031 350 with bevel gear set2,24 - 5,62,4 - 132
TSA 031 351 with bevel gear set and vertical shaft2,24 - 5,62,4 - 132
TSA 031 370 with one bevel and one spur gear set7,1 - 31,51,6 - 280
TSA 031 371 with one bevel and two spur gear sets35,5 - 1801,6 - 60
TSA 031 570 with one bevel and one spur gear set (slip-on)7,1 - 31,51,6 - 280
TSA 031 571 with one bevel and two spur gear sets (slip-on)35,5 - 1801,6 - 60

For more information, refer to: TSA 031 /493 kB/